Monday, February 3, 2014

My Principles of Blogging

1. I've experimented with blogging before, and often found that I was quite embarrassed later on of things I'd written - occasionally because of the content, but more often because I found my writing style quite turgid in retrospect. I expect this will be exactly the same. In fact, I've already used the word "turgid".

2. I'm not really an "expert" on anything. I'll probably blog on a variety of things that interest me at the moment. Finance (particularly investing) & macroeconomics will figure prominently, but please don't expect vast mounds of data or stylish graphs. There will be the occasional post on football, particularly where I see parallels between football & some other field. 

3. I'll blog primarily to get thoughts off my chest, and hopefully develop them, particularly where I've found Twitter inadequate. Please feel free to comment, or correct me when I've said something patently ridiculous. But no need to be a dick. The Internet is far too full of nastiness, and the blogs I enjoy the most are the ones where people can exchange ideas and disagree in a frank but civil fashion.

4. I may from time to time refer to specific investment ideas or themes. Please don't construe this as investment advice. I may also change my mind without updating specific posts so please don't be surprised by such reversals.

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